Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) Getting New Uniforms and Wordmark


Here is a preview of the Jaguars new wordmark.  New uniforms to follow.  I’ll keep ya posted.


NFL recognizes the 50th anniversary of the AFL


Over the last 50 years, professional American football has been through many different changes.  With the 50th anniversary being this coming season, the NFL has released the new AFL anniversary logo.

Also, the original AFL teams, which includes the Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs (donning Dallas Texans uniforms), Raiders, Titans (donning Houston Oilers gear), Bills, Jets (donning Titans throwbacks), and Patriots.  Those jerseys are shown below:


SciFi goes SyFy…


The ever so popular science fiction channel SciFi has decided that, in times of change, the best decision to bring in more viewers and expand its “imagination” is to change the identity.

According to the new website, the brand change is reflective of the company’s “broader range of imagination based entertainment.”

Look for the revamped design on a television set near you.

Baked Lay’s changes packaging identity


While previously fun and exciting, the new “Baked Lay’s” packaging has the appearance of something straight from a bakery.  A more elegant spin on the package, the new design uses natural colors to represent the “baked” quality that the Lay’s have.  

For more information, the Baked! section of the Frito-Lays website.

Pyramid Breweries gets revised


Pyramid Breweries got a less cartoony, more professional looking logo redesign.  The new logo still has elements of the original, but designed in a stronger way.