Packard Bell goes 3D with new design


Packard Bell, after a long life and few logo updates, has finally done a complete 360 with its identity.  The new logo and wordmark, both strong upgrades, give Packard Bell the identity it needs to move forward in the working world.


Lions Get Overhaul, More Detailed Logo


The Detriot Lions, on there path to improvement (I mean, seriously, how can you NOT improve from 0-16?), have revised their logo, adding more detail and making the lion more appealing to the masses.  The new wordmark also has a “Lion-like” feel to it, and is a great improvement over the past design.

Dollar General Changes, But Stays Average


With a new design, Dollar General moves into the future….. but not really.  The new design is still average at best, but is not an improvement in the least.  The new design changes to a font similar to the original, but different.  Thats the only positive to the new design, the new typeface used for it.

Tennessee Titans unveil Oilers throwbacks

In being as unbiased as possible, I am a HUGE Titans fan.  So getting to see these new Houston Oilers throwbacks has been an anticipation in itself.  Thanks to the Kyle Vanden Bosch and the Titans Caravan (a touring type event in which players travel to small cities across Tennessee and surrounding states), we have our first up-close look at them:


Wow.  What a thing of beauty.  And that “Luv Ya Blue”??? Simply astounding.

Those New Jaguars Uniforms I Promised!

Here are the new Jaguar Uniforms.  Thanks to for the images.